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Over your head?
Are you working on an in-house FileMaker project that has you pulling your hair out?

 Is your budget too small for an outside developer?

 Is your credibility, or even your job on the line?

 We have the solution!
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“I have one top-notch fellow out of Utah.
Good… In fact the best I've come across.
He works on my system regularly.”

Paul Schween
PS Seminars

“David is a rare breed: an intelligent programmer who listens and is open to every challenge. Each time I have described a problem or requested a feature he has delivered in spades with functionality that is always more than I asked for and sometimes beyond even my wildest.

I have learnt (rather slowly I'm afraid because my previous experiences with programmers had not been so interesting) to describe the whole picture rather than simply describe the next, reasonable development step. This has led inexorably to the development of a product that is much more sophisticated and exciting than I had originally planned.

David is a dangerous man.
If you can dream it,
he can do it.”

Miranda Castro

The SOS program was very helpful in fleshing out the details of my system so that I'd have no surprises later. I also learned several advanced techniques that helped me to design a professional-looking database.”

Chris Switaj


Foundation Database Systems (FDS) is an international FileMaker Pro™ consulting firm specializing in providing custom FileMaker Pro™ and related development, satisfying a wide range of client needs. FileMaker Pro™ is the #1 cross-platform rapid database development environment in the world and we are proud to have worked in FileMaker Pro™ for more than 20 years.

Whether you wish to upgrade an existing system, build a new solution, put your data on the internet, develop a new vertical market product or just get some help with a project you are building yourself, FDS is the company of choice.

Why choose FDS over the many other talented and qualified FileMaker Pro™ development houses? Because not only do our clients look to us to solve their most intricate problems, so do other FileMaker Pro™ developers. Just take a look at a few of the popular tools and materials we make available...

AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro™, our flagship product and one-of-a-kind developer tool, cuts development time by many, many hours. Nothing like it ever existed before we decided to build it and make it available to FileMaker developers around the world. We use AutoNavigator for every project, which means big savings in money and time for our clients and other developers.

Universal Capitalizer, a set of free custom functions for FileMaker developers that automatically capitalizes and formats name and address fields. This problem has plagued FileMaker developers since the first release of FileMaker Pro™. Before we decided to "do the impossible", no one had ever come up with a solution. We did, and it's blazing fast!

The Kitchen Sink Too, another free, one-of-a-kind tool for FileMaker developers that allows unrestricted sorting of single or multiple portal columns, in any direction, all on the fly. This has never been done before either. Partial solutions have existed for a long time, but FDS programmers were the first to pull it off completely.

White Paper for FMP Novices, also provided free. Not just for novices, this 85+ page evolving document has been so popular among FileMaker Pro™ developers that despite being only a few months old, it has already experienced thousands of downloads.

The FDS team has built a solid reputation for providing top-level services effectively and efficiently. Regardless of the size of your project, company, or budget, we are committed to your needs and complete satisfaction.

Please take a look through our web site to learn more of what we're all about. Call (928-275-0925) or email us ( ) any time with your questions. We can't wait to help get your project up and running.